The Quickest Way to Lose Weight

So you want to lose weight, and because of the way you feel you want to lose weight fast, this is more than understandable because your emotions are running high when it comes to finding the quickest way to weight loss.

Begin with the end in mind

So what is it that you exactly want, yes I know you want to lose weight, but for what purpose exactly? I mean losing weight in its self is not what most people want, when you stop to think about it. So think of it this way what is the goal behind the goal, what will being more slimmer give you. I urge you to stop and really think about this, because if you do this could save you many years of yo- yo dieting.

You pick up one end of the stick you pick up the other.

Yes I know it’s a crazy saying but I put it there to make you aware of the consequences of finding the quickest way to lose weight, because every time you have attempted this route what have been the long term results? Well if past dieting attempts had worked it is highly unlikely that you would be reading this now, so what needs to change to make you weight lose permanent?

Sometimes the longest route gets you where you need to go quicker?

OK that is not going to please many of you reading this you want an instant fix, you want to carry on doing what you are doing and just have the weight some how magically falloff you . In the past you have probably tried every fad diet and may have even dabbled in dieting pills to get that weight off fast, but let me ask if this is true how come you are reading this now? As I said in the subtitle sometimes what seems to be the longest route to weight loss actually in a funny way is the shortest because it actually works, where so many quick schemes and diets do not work so you are in an eternal circle that never ends.

So the quickest way to lose weight and keep it off?

Is to begin to look at the thoughts you have about your self, the beliefs that drive your eating and your daily habits. And then begin to build a routine around new beliefs and habits that reinforce a positive self belief about your self and your body.