Weight Loss Fast – Why People Fail

Come on and tell me the truth. I’m sure that many of you feel that there are many times when you just don’t get the kind of weight loss results you intend, especially for the kind of effort you invest. Then you tend to wonder how so many others can do it, and why you can’t. Sometimes you may even fell like giving up and maybe thinking, “maybe I’m not meant to be fit. Maybe I don’t have the genetics for it.” I’ll let you into a little secret. The reason why people fail at their weight loss attempts is that they simply do it the wrong way!

Now don’t get me wrong here, that only applies to the majority of people out there. Sure genetics plays small part as well but the rest is up to you. If you want to succeed you need to learn what many people are doing wrong.

Crash dieting – I’m sure we all know what that is about. It’s sad that many of us simply think about insane dieting and restricting food intake when we want to lose weight. The truth simply is that it’s more about what you eat rather than how much you eat. If you have been brainwashed just like the millions of others in thinking fatty foods like whole eggs, fish, and natural oils ( not refined) and things of the sort are bad for you, its time you changed your mindset. You need to learn to tell the difference between healthy fats and bad fats. Healthy fats aid your fat loss efforts by increasing your hormones and enzymes necessary for utilising fat as energy. Of course they have a host of other benefits as well. You’ll need other foods high in protein and nutrients as well. Refrain from consuming simple carbohydrates like sugar, white bread and white rice. Complex carbohydrates are much better as they give you a steady supply of energy without fattening you.

Long, boring, low intensity cardio – No, slow jogging for hours on your treadmill is hardly the best way to lose weight and burn fat. Research has shown excessive low intensity cardio lowers your metabolism. This in turn results in your body needing a smaller energy requirement daily. This means your body burns less fat. The amount of fat you burn during the actual cardio is simply not worth the effort. Now what you should be doing is high intensity interval training. This has been proven to be 3 times as effective at burning fat as standard cardio. It basically involves a series of high intensity sprints and recovery short periods between each sprint. A typical workout would be no longer than 16-20 minutes. This actually increases your metabolism and you’ll be scorching more calories sitting on the couch after exercising then someone doing low intensity cardio. HIIT routines can be found all over the internet.

Sticking to the same routine for too long – All routines are hardly meant to last a lifetime. Usually after your body has gained what it can form a particular routine, your fitness gains, or weight loss, hits a plateau. That means you stop losing weight. Now how long it takes before you reach this varies depending on a variety of factors but it’s usually anywhere between1 to 3 months. Just learn to be creative with your workouts.

Whatever you do, just don’t give up and don’t stop trying. Remember, you are worth it. Knowledge is power when it comes to weight loss exercise and there is plenty out there online. Hope my article helped and I wish you best of luck.