Benefits Of Walking To Lose Weight Effectively

One of the best physical activity that a person should do when weight loss is by a simple walking. For me, walking really helps to reduce weight effectively. It is most recommended for the beginners who are new in a weight loss program and for those who has no experience on exercise for a few months.

Walking is considered as one of the best forms of physical activity today that helps people to feel better about themselves and reduce pounds. It is a low intensity activity which your muscles learns to adapt into a regular exercise. Performing exercises like swimming or even jogging can be too much intense to those who are not active on doing exercises and it may cause an injury. Make sure that you have no old injuries because it may occur again while performing a light intense activity like walking, so let it heal first. This slows your progress that sooner may leads into “Giving Up”.

Walking can also be a replacement for jogging and jumping that gives less stress to your joints. Evaluate yourself first from injuries before engaging into weight lose exercises because healing process takes weeks or even months and most specially if the person consumes less nutrients and minerals. There are useful information you can fallow to lose your body weight is by simply walking and its benefits for you but consult a doctor first if you attempts for a long walk.

When you walk up in the morning, try to walk for the meantime for at least 500-1000 steps everyday for you to achieve the weight you want. It also conditions your mind and body to perform well before going to school or office.

Persons who gains a weight of 150 pounds(68kg) should walk between 3.5 to 4 (4 to 5.6km) miles an hour that burns about 300 calories. An average person can expect to loose weight if he or she continuously walks at this distance everyday.

You may also weight loss about 1 pound a month if you start walking exercise at least 3 times a week.


It lowers your blood pressure 
It reduces you high cholesterol 
It improves the circulation of your blood 
It reduces your stress 
It builds more stamina for you 
It increase bone density that prevents you from having osteoporosis 
It reduces your risk on having a coronary disease and Stroke 
It prevents you from having type 2 diabetes 
It increase your mental well being 
It reduces body fats