5 Healthy Ways to Lose Your Weight

Obesity is not accidental. It’s an outcome of unhealthy living style that most of us follow in this modern life style. Many of us may not realize the danger that could result due to this undesciplinary lifestyle, which may threat life as well.
Once it is realized, then you will be panic to weight loss. You will try almost all the things you read or tips you heard with out thinking whether it is helpful or not. This is more danger. You must know what is best for your body and what are best tips to lose your weight in a healthy way. The tips I am going to share here can lose your weight fast without affecting your health. I mean it! You will be happy to see your body losing your extra pounds. So are you ready?

Healthy weight lose tip 1

Drink Water

You know water is essential for your body to carry out the normal metabolic activities. Water can also help you keep young as well. Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day. This will keep your body hydrated. The availability of water can also boost the utilization of fat deposit you had in your body. Water boosts the performance of your body organs that include kidney, liver, digestive system etc…Keep in mind, and you should never substitute water with juice ok!

Healthy Weight Lose tip 2

Change your eating habits

Start your day with break fast. You should never skip your breakfast for whatever reasons you may come across. If you skip your breakfast, you may feel hungry after sometime, which will force you to eat more than what your body actually requires. You can have your maximum during your breakfast but not for your lunch and dinner. Remember this Famous quote ‘Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.”

You should never substitute your meals with high calorie snacks or fast food recipes, though it tastes and appeal better!

Healthy Weight Lose tip 3

Like “blue” for your dining place

This may feel you strange, right? But ‘blue” has significance in diet controlling. Blue is known as ‘appetite suppressor’ and so you may reduce your calorie intake while dining. You can spread your dining table with blue sheet, dine in blue plate, make your dining attire blue coloured etc.

Hey! You should never use orange, red or yellow in your dining place as these colours are known to be appetite boosters!

Healthy Weight Lose tip 4

Use small meal plates

If you have only less amount of food in your plate, then you take only fewer calories. It’s a human tendency to eat the available meal on your plate even if you don’t feel hungry. You could consider having big plate with salads in it!

Healthy Weight Lose tip 5

Introduce “walking” in your lifestyle

If you don’t like “working out” in Gym, you should consider walking in your lifestyle. Daily walking for 45 minutes can have significant role in weight loss┬áprogram. Where ever possible avoid car and walk instead. Some tips:

1. park your car at the far end slot and walk
2. use stairs instead of lift
3. use public transport
4. visit shopping mall and cover mall ends
5. Enjoy walking with your pet dog